People have a tendency to think that working out has to be a grueling process. No pain, no gain, as they say. When most of us think of exercise we imagine a treadmill, a weight bench, a dumbbell, or maybe an elliptical bicycle. Don’t get us wrong, these are all great ways of exercising and conditioning your muscles, but when you’re running in place, there’s no finish line. Standard gym equipment is based on repetitive movement while most of your body remains stationary, usually isolating muscle use to a specific group of muscles. Along with this, the human mind is trained to expect a certain degree of travel when using certain muscle groups, this can lead to headaches and dizziness experienced at the gym. There has long been a response to this issue, and one that is loved the world over by billions: sports. 

Sports, whether team driven or challenge driven, make the body adapt and react to external influences. No two games are the same, and competition against others and yourself can be a huge motivator to continue. This isn’t news to any athlete or sports fan, sports are adored all over the world, from soccer to cricket, but one sport in particular is being brought up more and more often in conversation as a true test of skill and meddle. Whether you’ve participated in an obstacle course like Warrior Dash or Tough Mudder, or you’ve seen the spectacular displays of strength and agility on Ninja Warrior, it can no longer be denied that Obstacle Course Training is one of the best ways to train your body, improve your health, and prove your spirit. 

So why is it that Obstacle Course Training and Ninja Warrior Training is rising so quickly in the fitness world? As avid lovers of the sport ourselves, we think we can see a few of the reasons. One of them is motivation. While many sports are built around a point system where you are competing against another person or team over a predetermined time constraint, Obstacle Course Training has a set finish line. Just like in sprinting or marathon running, the finish line allows you to compete against others or yourself, and whether you are competing to beat someone else’s time, or your own, any obstacle course runner can tell you that the sweet rush of crossing that finish line or completing an obstacle for the first time can’t be beat.

Unlike sprinting or marathon running, ninja warrior training courses are varied, and the skills and muscles required to continue changes from obstacle to obstacle. While varied movement like this is absolutely amazing for muscle building, agility training, core strengthening, cardio, and so much more, we think there is one clear advantage that stands out above the rest; ninja warrior training is undeniably fun. 

How could you not have fun on these obstacles? Yes, they can be very difficult, and yes, you will have to work at it to win, but who hasn’t watched shows like American Ninja Warrior and thought “I want to try that.” An indoor obstacle course or ninja training course is a lot like a standard gym, but a gym that has challenges instead of repetitive equipment, a gym where you can “beat” every machine, where you can set score times and compete against yourself or others, a gym you daydream about when you aren’t there, a gym not about pain, but about fun. 

You know it looks fun, you know it looks hard, but you also know that you have what it takes, and we know you do too. Our coaches are here to talk you through each challenge and help you celebrate each victory, we have challenges and training for all age groups, and all levels of physical ability, so what are you waiting for? Visit Tri County Ninja in Fenton, Michigan, and see the difference yourself. We can’t wait to see you cross that finish line.