Lately, we’ve had some people as us which is better for a total beginner to Ninja Warrior Training and Obstacle Course Training: Starting with a beginner class, or coming to an Open Gym session? After discussing the question with co-owner Ed McNulty, we have a definitive answer, along with some of the reasons behind it.

If you’re starting out with Obstacle Courses and Ninja Training, the best way to get your first experience at Tri County Ninja is with a beginner’s class. Not only are all of our classes only $10 for your first class, but we offer first time classes for all age ranges and physical restrictions. For ages 4 and under, you’ll be looking at our Ninja Roos class, Mini Ninjas is for ninjas aged 5 to 7, while Mighty Ninjas classes are available for those between the ages of 8 and 12. For all of those 13 and over, our Mega Ninjas class focuses on mastering techniques to build endurance, agility, and grip strength, with a goal of total body control.

No matter which age range you are starting in, our instructors are encouraging, motivating, and understanding to all levels of skill and physical ability. We were all beginners once, and we understand that one of the biggest advantages of Ninja Warrior Training is the fun. The obstacle course training shows on TV are very advanced obstacle courses, and are often filmed in a way to make them look intimidating and difficult. Not only will our instructors ease you into the exciting and fun world of Obstacle Course Training smoothly, but they will be with you to cheer you along and celebrate every victory. Here at Tri County Ninja, we love nothing more than seeing our customers pride in themselves and how much they are truly capable of accomplishing with self confidence and proper encouragement.

Easily, one of the biggest advantages to taking a guided class before checking out our Open Gym (besides our amazing instructors) is seeing how all of the obstacles work, and learning some of the tricks that the pros use. While many obstacles have multiple techniques, it often helps to see how others handle the obstacle before trying it yourself. Guided classes will also give you an idea of the difficulty level of each obstacle, so that you can get a better idea of your progress, and whether the obstacle you are practicing in open gym may be too easy, or too difficult for your current stage of training.
To check out our classes, check out the “classes” tab here on our website, give us a call at (810) 354-8352, or stop in to visit us at Tri County Ninja, 14283 N Fenton Rd, Fenton MI. Along with guided classes and open gym, we also offer classes for Yoga, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), small group obstacle training, personal training, hosting for birthday parties, summer camp activities, and more. Tri County Ninja is proud to be Fenton Michigan’s premier obstacle course training facility.