Should I start Ninja Training with a class or open gym?

Lately, we’ve had some people as us which is better for a total beginner to Ninja Warrior Training and Obstacle Course Training: Starting with a beginner class, or coming to an Open Gym session? After discussing the question with co-owner Ed McNulty, we have a...

Mastering The Salmon Ladder

In nature, when salmon make their way into a commercial hatchery to breed, they swim upstream, and leap over a series of gates to get to their destination. Today, we’re going to be taking an up close look at one of the most common obstacle course training obstacles,...

The Family That Runs Together Runs Further

Here at Tri County Ninja, we believe that ninjas work best in packs. Whether you choose to make obstacle course training your new date night, or a safe environment for your kids to blow off some of that infinite energy they store throughout the day, the family that...


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